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For companies

There are 2 ways to enjoy Chateau Coliving with your team:



“9 to 5 Monday to Friday” won’t really feel the same from the Chateau and that is the beauty of a team retreat, breaking habits and patterns for a few days help think outside the box!

We have the space for your team to get some deep work done and yet feel like they are in a magical place: breakfast in the 12th century dinning room, a walk in the private park watching the storks, a dinner by the fireplace… the perfect environment for creativity  to spark!

We have a minimum stay of 5 nights for team retreats (make it count!) during which we can accommodate up to 16 guests in private rooms and up to 30 in shared rooms.
We only have a few spots each year for company retreats so do not hesitate to reach out to us now!





In it for the long run? This is a perfect opportunity for fully remote or hybrid companies encouraging their employees to travel and take workations. That way you will inspire your team to take full advantage of their remote status while making sure they will have the best setup for productivity and wellbeing: great wifi and work space, a community of like minded co-workers from around the world, and they can even bring their family as we are the only coliving & coworking space that caters to families (pets included!)

How does it work:

We sign an annual partnership agreement which provides all your employees/partners and or clients with a discount code to stay with us throughout the year. Depending on how many codes have been used at the end of the year, Chateau Coliving offers several perks such as a free stay (great for a tombola draw) , discount on a team retreat, extra gifts for the next bookings or an even bigger discount code for the year to come.
It’s a virtuous circle with no financial commitment on your side: You give something to your team and the more they use it the more you can give back! 


Never hesitate to contact us for more information and/or quotes. We will be happy to design a retreat for you and/discuss a potential partnership for the year to come!