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Are You Travelling with Your Family?

We know how challenging that can be, but hey! we also believe that this is one of the best things you can possibly do for your kids!

We are an inclusive community and we’d love it if everyone could experience the magic of coliving with us, which is why we created a special offer for traveling families.


We propose 2 individual apartments located in our 17th century Manoir House, just in front of the main castle. This is the building where our main working space is located and is very convenient for families, because it provides the needed privacy and independence (as both apartments have their own kitchens and bathrooms) while at the same time allows parents to be part of the coliving community when coworking, attending events and activities with the other colivers.

One of the apartments is a studio suitable for a family with 1 child and the other one is a very big apartment with 2 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, kitchen, private workspace with view over the castle, living room and kitchen. This apartment is suitable for a bigger family or for two smaller families willing to share it.

The apartments are not listed in our booking page, so please contact us directly if you wish to book or obtain further information.

Benefits for the parents

This setting allows the parents to have productive work life and enjoy quality time with their children and with the other colivers, without worrying that the kids might leave the shared kitchen dirty or might be too noisy and disturb the other colivers.

Benefits for the children

Our place is pure paradise for kids – so many indoor and outdoor games and activities, places to explore, big private park far from the road, animals and friendly colivers from all over the world. What an incredible experience it would be for a child to be immersed in the French culture, while living in a diverse international community, with plenty of nature and healthy food around and of course the excitement of being in a real castle!

Benefits for the colivers with no children
Coliving is about sharing an experience and creating connections, meeting people who are different from us, but essentially sharing similar values. We believe that coliving spaces should unite people rather than divide them.. by age groups, nationalities, singles, couples or families… we all have so much to share and learn from each other!
With that said we would like to assure our colivers that in order to maintain the balance of or mini-ecosystem, we’d be welcoming 2 to maximum 3 families at a time, accommodated in a separate building and kids will be restricted from the main/quiet workspace area as well as from certain community events.