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Giving Back

Giving back to the local communities is in the core of our philosophy at Chateau Coliving.
We love when our colivers enjoy the beauty that this region has to offer and we would like to be actively involved in the development and well-being of our local community.

How Can You Give Back at Chateau Coliving?

  • participate in our Plant a Tree initiative – plant a tree of your choice in our beautiful park to offset your CO2 emissions and you can come to visit it a discounted rate 🙂 This is also a great gift idea for digital nomads, who live a minimalistic life and care about the planet. Ask us how!
  • contribute with your time and ideas (or financially) in building our long-term dream – a Cat Café on the property, hosting stray cats from the local shelter and giving them better opportunities for adoption
  • you can shop from local farmers markets, support ethical local businesses like our friends La Clé du Bonheur , la ferme de Bethanie, Yvan Dernis and many others
  • you can participate in local volunteer initiatives related to cleaning of beaches, taking care of animals, helping people in need
  • if you are skilled in furniture restoration you can help save some of our antique pieces
  • anything else you have in mind? shoot us an idea and we’d love to give it a go!