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Collaboration is at the core of our philosophy at Chateau Coliving.


International partners

Andy Sto

Andy's tips!

Andy is a Digital Nomad from Belgium. He helps companies thrive in their digital marketing strategies and help them build sustainable remote work strategies.

Novo Mondo 

Fabienne & Benoit's trips

Fabienne and Benoit are the swiss couple behind Novo Mondo travel blog. One day, they quit their jobs to adopt a nomadic lifestyle.

Coliving Hub

Coliving Hub Community

Coliving Hub is the Association for Coliving Spaces for Digital Nomads. They share knowledge on the common challenges operators around the world face.

The Humans Inside the Pods 

Colivers' stories

A podcast about the power of community: The stories of people who intentionally chose to live in communities and what it means.

Nomads Giving Back! 

Giving Back!

Nomads Giving Back is a community of Nomads who Inform, Inspire and Empower its members to Give Back.

Digital Nomad Girls

Digital Nomad Girls

Digital Nomad Girls is an online community that invites you to reemagine what it means to be location independent and run a business.

Nomad Haven 

Nomad Haven

Nomad Haven is a community of female founders that celebrate each other’s wins, inspire connections and share feel-good content to succeed on your own terms.