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The team

Host & Community Manager
lives in: Château Coliving

Meet the team at Château Coliving & Coworking

Every 3 months Salome and Jeanne take over from Katia and run the chateau life.

Salomé (right)
is spreading her magic by teaching yoga at the chateau 3 times a week, preparing delicious food for lunch bi-weekly and organizing our weekly family dinners cooked together with the colivers! If you’re up for a moon ritual, a nice workout or a dance session –  just say the word! She also leads local partnerships with businesses and initiatives around the chateau as well as creates beautiful digital memories as our talented photographer.

Jeanne (left) is an event manager who leads our international partnerships and guest experience, from weekend excursions to weekly fun! And yes, of course, she is the master of our traditional Sunday crepes!


Not on that picture:
Katia our founder!

Morgane,  our one and only virtual fairy, who knows everything coliving and not afraid to share it. She is managing our social accounts, website and booking platforms and almost everything else that can be done for the château remotely. She is also a talented writer and a podcast producer.