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Coliving Consulting by Katia

No matter if you are just in a very early idea stage of your project or already open and running, you can use my expertise to brainstorm together, run ideas through me, discuss strategies, advice on difficult decisions as well as accountability and action plans, creating step-by-step plans together and leading your project to success.



👉 evaluating if running a coliving space is for you, reality check of what it actually entails and how does it fit with your personal aspirations, professional goals and personality.

👉 business and financial models, business canvas and concept

👉 property choice, furnishing, space organisation & maintenance (especially experience with old historic, large-scale, demanding and difficult-to-manage properties)

👉 daily operations & organisation, staffing & training of people (temporary, employed, or volunteers)

👉  marketing & sales strategies, including help getting the first group of colivers for the launch month (which is usually one of the most challenging parts after you just get started)

👉  community building strategies and implementation – everything that looks so easy and fun on the outside, but is actually an art in itself

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Depending on what you need this can be – reflecting on if Coliving ownership is a good fit for you, running ideas by me and brainstorming together, asking for practical advice and guidance, or working on a practical document/system or tool together.
For this session to be productive and reach the desired outcome we can cover only one of the topics listed above.

The duration of the session is 1h and 30min.
Rate: 250 Euro

This can be based on only 1 topic that is most challenging for you and you need that we deep dive into it in detail or you can pick 2 to 3 topics from the list above to cover the basics on.

This package includes 3 sessions. 1 initial session of 1h30min and 2 sessions of 1 hour each.

Rate: 550 Euro

A long-term (3-6 months to 1 year) full-on consulting, guidance, and support before your opening. Includes covering all of the above topics, regular accountability calls, helps with getting introduced in the community, bringing in the first group of clients, getting connected with key players in the industry and continuous support for every step of your journey.

Rate: starting at 6k depending on the parameters of the project and the duration needed.

And because I know that getting started is often hard financially, I’d be happy to discuss a partial non-monetary offset in exchange for renting your space during its first year of operation.

I’m Katia – the founder of Chateau Coliving, a seasoned traveller and a strong believer that business should be done in a human and ethical way in the first place, but there should be no shame in making profit out of it.

I also believe that despite the efforts and years that it takes to gain knowledge and experience, the most rewarding thing is to share this experience with others who wish to take on similar adventures, as cooperation will always win over competition.

In the past years more and more people, willing to open their Coliving spaces, are reaching out asking if I can help with their coliving idea/opening/business plans and more.
Being a self-starter myself, I understand this very well. Starting a business in this industry is hard and I’ve learned so many things the hard way.


A lot of people think that just because they have visited many coliving spaces they have “seen how it works” – but trust me, this is a completely false assumption.


It appears effortless and uncomplicated to many people who see themselves being a brilliant Coliving owner as they would be good at socialising and entertaining the colivers, however there is much more to managing a Coliving space than meets the eye. The work that goes on behind the scenes is often underestimated and many get tempted to open their Coliving Space without having a realistic idea of what it actually takes.

That being said, it can become very rewarding and probably one of the best jobs in the world, so I’m always eager and this is my main motivation to support anyone on their journey.


In 2024, after 3 full years of running Chateau Coliving and 10 years of travelling, me and the Chateau Team decided it’s the right time to offer consulting packages for new coliving spaces (be it only in idea stage, pre-opening or already open and running coliving space).


A nomad since 2013, I lived in 8 countries for longer than a year and visited 56 in total. Travelling and constantly changing destinations, accommodation types, and communities way before Coliving spaces became a thing, I was craving for something like that without knowing what it was.

During a career break in 2019, I discovered the newly opened Nine Coliving in Tenerife – today one of the most visited coliving spaces in Europe and took a part-time job as a host and marketeer there while dealing with the formalities of slowly closing down my design company.
After a year and a half at Nine, I fell in love with the concept of living within a travel community.

In 2021 Chateau Coliving was born and in less than 2 years became one of the leading destination coliving spaces in Europe, but most importantly a staple in the travel and remote working community, where open-minded people from all backgrounds and walks of life come together to share and create their beautiful journeys.

– studied PR & Strategic Marketing

– 9 years of corporate jobs in Advertising and Branding Agencies throughout Europe in Commercial Director & Client Management roles and 3 years as a Marketing Director of an international event company

– 8 years of running my own branding agency and one of the first fully remote ones in Europe

– 12 years of restoring, maintaining, and trying out different business models in a historic property in France (parallel to jobs above)

– 3 years since running Chateau Coliving & Coworking

Case Study

How do you start a coliving space at a new and unknown for nomads destination? How do you learn all the processes, expectations, and operations of a coliving space, if you have not yet had the chance to work or live in one?

How do you run it when you have never been part of this community yourself? How do you get integrated in the inner circle of the coliving owners of some of the most successful spaces in Europe? How do you navigate the challenges of the business environment that is specific to your location & culture?

Burgas Coliving, a former communist sanatorium opened in 2022 and in less than a year became a favourite spot for digital nomads and remote workers from around the world, proudly putting its name on the map of the best Coliving spaces in Europe.

Read more about the project and my contribution to it HERE.


Do you think you can use some help and advice for your Coliving project ?