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Welcome to Writer’s Haven at Chateau Coliving!

👉Is the idea of writing a book always in the back of your mind?

👉Struggling to finish a website copy or digital course?

👉Are distractions keeping you from getting in the flow?

👉Want to beat writer’s block in an inspiring new location?

👉Need the push to finally finish that writing project?

👉Feeling lonely on your writer’s journey?


It doesn’t have to be that way !

Join us at Chateau Coliving and connect with fellow creatives in a beautiful setting. Co-create a special month dedicated to you… a writer seeking inspiration, connection, support, collaboration, and uninterrupted focus amidst the breathtaking beauty of the French countryside.

Connect with fellow wordsmiths

Join a community of like-minded writers from around the world, each on their own unique journey. Share ideas, exchange feedback, and forge lasting connections as you collaborate and inspire one another in our supportive and vibrant environment. 

The magic of having a group of 10 to 15 writers from different genres, countries, and journeys is that we have so much to learn from each other. 

This is a collaborative experience; to connect and share with the other participants, everyone who attends will have the opportunity to enrich the group with something that resonates with them. 

Unleash your creative power

Revel in the tranquil atmosphere of Chateau Coliving, where every corner is steeped in history and charm. 

From the majestic chateau itself to the sprawling park and scenic vistas to the surrounding villages, natural and historical sites find the perfect setting to ignite your imagination and breathe life into your stories.

Find your focus

The Chateau is fully adapted for remote workers and digital nomads.

We have you fully covered with:
👉Fast internet
👉Comfortable workspace
All of the facilities that will make your stay more than comfortable and productive!

And don’t worry: you will have uninterrupted focus time to write.

Our intention is to facilitate connections and learning opportunities. The program will consist of 1-2 sessions a day focused on sharing ideas, feedback, and strategies to get into your writer’s flow and help you create.

→ Need extra accountability? Pair up with an accountability partner for the month and have private follow-up sessions on your progress. 

Recharge, explore, and relax

Take breaks from your writing routine to relax and recharge in our beautiful castle, complete with modern amenities and old-world charm. 

Whether you prefer to unwind with a leisurely stroll through the grounds, take a bubble bath, indulge in a delicious meal, or simply curl up with a book by the fireplace, you will find the perfect balance between productivity and self-care at Chateau Coliving. 

→ Visit the region during the weekends for fun activities and to socialise with fellow writers over shared meals, chats, movie nights, and autumnal walks. 

Participation in all of the community events is free (unless otherwise stated) and optional, according to your schedule and preferences.


Writer’s haven facilitator 

A published author herself, Ali Greene will take care of the organisation, scheduling, and facilitation of the sessions, making sure everyone feels comfortable and uses their dedicated sessions in the best possible way.

Ali is the co-author of Remote Works: Managing for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus (#1 New Release in Organizational Change and Business Management Science).

Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers and distributed via Penguin Random House internationally. Ali was named a Top 50 “Remote Accelerator” as well as a “Must-Follow Remote Work Expert” and is no stranger to the world of colivings; she has been a digital nomad since 2017 and has led retreats personally and professionally around the globe in places such as Serbia, Mexico, and even at the Chateau.

In her free time, Ali loves a meaningful chat, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and going on scenic hikes. Her favourite book genres (outside of her own) are sci-fi, fantasy, and anything with unique world-building and deep character exploration.

Host and founder of Chateau Coliving

Katia is a book-lover, enthusiast for foreign languages, an entrepreneur and soon-to-be certified business facilitator.
With extensive corporate experience in marketing and sales and 12 years of entrepreneurial background, Katia’s mission for this Writer’s month will be to ensure participants make the most out of their Chateau experience – both in terms of comfort of their stay, but also in terms of value and takeaways. Katia will also be available to advise on & facilitate any business, branding or marketing related sessions, when needed.

Convinced that the Chateau is the perfect environment for writers, it has been Katia’s long time dream to host an event dedicated to that. An aspiring writer herself, she is daydreaming of putting together the Chateau history in a book as a retirement project one day!

Chateau Coliving’s community manager

After spending more than a year at the Chateau with different coliving groups, he is now an expert of the region and will organise unforgettable trips, activities and experiences.
He is the person to ask for any suggestions of how to best spend your free time and what are the best things to do both on and off the property.


Whether your goal is to:

👉 Build a creative community
👉 Wrap up your project by the end of the year
👉 Plan and prep for a new writing adventure for the year to follow
👉 Simply get some focus and inspiration without any particular expectations

…Autumn in Normandy is the best place to cozy up, listen to the raindrops and the cracking of the fire, and get your best writing done! 


To get the most out of the experience and build meaningful connections with the other participants, we highly recommend you join for the entire month. 

If that’s not possible for you, we also have options for 2-week stays with the following dates: 

Option 1: 23rd November to 7th December 

Option 2: 7th December to 21st December

November 23 –  December 21

When booking you automatically agree to our terms & conditions.

Deposit payment of 50% is required upon reservation. 

Final payment will be charged on the day of arrival. 

Extras and costs accumulated during the stay will be paid at the end of the experience.


  • gorgeous private Chateau room
  • full access to shared lounge areas
  • fully equipped shared kitchen
  • gym and yoga mats
  • all utilities
  • fast internet and coworking space
  • program facilitation, co-created sessions
  • invitation to host a session
  • personal feedback session on a challenge of your choice
  • weekly traditional French crepes brunch
  • bi-weekly grocery trips or pick ups of online grocery orders
  • weekly room cleaning and change of linen
  • tea & coffee throughout the day
  • community manager and facilitators on site


  • travel costs to and from the Chateau
  • train station transfer (20 Euro pp) or individual car rentals
  • chateau car usage for transportation during the month (0.8 Euro per km including driver from the team, divided by the number of people using the vehicle)
  • costs for restaurants, museums and local visits
  • personal groceries (organized grocery trips twice a week)
  • healthy seasonal lunches prepared by a professional chef (10 to 15 Euro pp; weekdays only)
  • laundry / tumble dryer (3 Euro per load)

Minimum number of 10 participants required. If we are not able to reach this minimum 45 days prior to the starting date, the participants who have paid the deposit will be fully refunded or credited for a non-curated stay at Chateau coliving during the same dates in order to avoid loss of transportation tickets.


What does co-creation mean?

Co-creation means you will have active involvement in designing how we spend our time during the month. Everyone who joins us will have the opportunity to be a student and a teacher. This is a collaborative experience, and there will be no paid workshops with external consultants. Instead, each participant will have a dedicated time slot during the month to share something useful and inspiring with the group. We welcome you to either teach a workshop session, share a big learning or pivotal experience, or, if talking in front of others is not your thing, you can play for us your favourite movie, TED talk, fragment from an audiobook, or anything else you think is worth sharing. Each participant will be encouraged to lead an inspiration session during the month and contribute to enriching the group with something that resonates with them.

What should I expect during the month?

You can expect an inviting atmosphere with your peers; days will be filled with dedicated time to work, rest, and leisure. Each week there will be collaborative, peer-led sessions such as a writing exercise, show and tell, or skill-sharing. 

In addition to that, each participant will have their own dedicated time for a mastermind/feedback session with the group (optional). Share with us any challenge you might be facing in your writer journey, be it on the creative side, branding, commercial, personal, or anything else, and let’s all brainstorm and find solutions and ideas to help you with it. It’s all about collaboration and community! 

Socially, there will be a variety of shared meals (Sunday crepes have always been a Chateau favourite) throughout the week and self-catering. Opportunities for short day-time breaks, such as a walk on the Chateau grounds or a coffee chat, are abundant, and weekends will be dedicated for relaxation or exploration around Normandy, depending on the vibe of the group. 

Overall, the intention for the month is to immerse yourself in a writing environment all about collaboration and community!

Will people coming solely be writing or can I continue my "9-to-5"?

If writing is not your main job (yet), don’t worry, you won’t be the only one. The Chateau is fully adapted for working remotely and you will be able to go on with your work routines during your stay.
Of course, it would be ideal if you try to take a bit less responsibilities than usually during that month, in order to allow yourself time to join most of the sessions and activities, but keep in mind that none of those are mandatory, so you can fit in what your schedule allows.

While I have to write a lot for my job, I don’t necessarily consider myself a writer, will I fit in with the rest of the group?

You don’t have to be a published or professional writer  to join the Writer’s Haven Experience. If writing in any form is part of your job or personal aspirations, we consider you a writer and a perfect fit for this exceptional month. There are no rules when it comes to creativity and we are sure that we can learn a lot from each other and build very meaningful connections!

How many people will there be?

Can I bring my kids ?

Can I bring a partner ?

Can I bring my pet ?

Can I only stay for a week or a few days ?

Can this be used as a business expense?

What is the refund policy?

For any logistical questions such as how to get to the Chateau, about the region and Chateau amenities, please visit our General FAQ section here.