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Terms & Conditions


If you cancel more than 25 days prior to your arrival, you can fully keep your deposit as a credit to use in the next 18 months. If you cancel between 25 and 10 days prior to arrival, we will keep a cancelation fee of 25% of the total amount of your booking and the rest of the deposit you can still use as a credit for the 18 months to come. The credit can be also be given to other people to use instead of you, if you can’t make it.
If you cancel 10 days or less prior to arrival, or in case of a no-show, you will be charged the full amount of your booked stay.


By booking your stay with Chateau Coliving you agree to the following contract for furnished accommodation.

DESIGNATION OF THE PARTIES: The present contract is concluded between the undersigned Château Coliving, L’Isle Marie 50360 Picauville, represented by: Katia Dimova – SIRET 90510639900017 – VAT: FR52905106399 – company registered in Cherbourg – France
The signatory of the contract and the person making the reservation is hereafter called the tenant
By booking with Chateau Coliving he/she will have read and approved the conditions below.

It has been agreed as follows:

The purpose of this contract is to rent an apartment as follows:

Château de l’Isle Marie
A. Consistency of the accommodation
– Address of the accommodation: L’Isle Marie, 50360 Picauville
– Condominium
– Construction period: 1250 to 1890
– Living space (in m2) : 1500
– Number of main rooms : 22
– Workroom, gardens, park, tennis
– Equipped kitchens, sanitary installations.
– Collective heating at fixed price integrated in the contract
– Collective hot water production integrated in the contract

B. Purpose of the premises :
Mixed professional and residential use

C. Designation of the premises and accessory equipment of the building for the private use of the tenant :
Room/Apartment as per reservation document.

D. Listing of premises, parts, equipment and accessories of the building for common use:
Park, tennis, living rooms, kitchens, bathroom, bicycle garage, tv, musical instruments, outdoor games, garden furniture, trash can, Hifi.

E. Equipment for access to information and communication technologies:
Internet wifi network without password, Large TV screen on wheels, video projector.

The effective date and duration of the contract is indicated in the reservation e-mail.
The furnished rental contract will not be tacitly renewed.
The tenant can terminate the lease at any time, at the end of the committed month.
The landlord can terminate the lease at the end of the month.

The rent corresponds to the amount announced in the reservation e-mail.
40% of the rent is dedicated to services and charges:
– electricity, water & gas
– personalized and permanent welcome and animations for the residents
– Sunday Brunch
– Laundry service
Date of the last revision of the rent / cost of the stay on January 1st of each year according to the scale in place and the evolution of the cost of energy.

B. Lessor has purchased insurance on behalf of the roommates:
Tenants must carry liability insurance.
They must also be in compliance with their employer for telecommuting.

D. Terms of payment:
The payment of the stay is made 50% at the reservation and 50% at the entry in the premises.
The following rents are paid at the end of each month.

An increase of the cost of the stay during the lease following improvement works can be undertaken by the lessor.
A reduction of the cost of the stay during the lease can be granted following work undertaken by the tenant

For the stays, a guarantee can be required of an amount of 5000€.

For the execution of all the obligations of the present contract in case of plurality of tenants, there will be solidarity with indivisibility between them.

The present contract will be terminated by right :
– in case of non-payment of the stay, or of the regularization of charge
– in the event of non-payment of the security deposit
– in case of neighborhood disturbance established by a court decision

Are available on site :
– An extract of the regulations concerning the destination of the building, the enjoyment and
and use of the private and common areas and specifying the share of the rented lot.
A technical diagnostic file including
– a diagnosis of energy performance;
– a report on the risk of exposure to lead for buildings constructed before January 1st
1949 ;
– where applicable, a copy of a statement mentioning the absence or presence of materials or
Products of the construction containing asbestos;
– if necessary, a state of the interior installation of electricity and gas, whose purpose is
To evaluate the risks which can affect the safety of the people;
– Ie if necessary, a state of natural and technological risks for the zones covered by a
Plan for the prevention of technological risks or by a plan for the prevention of natural risks
Predictable, prescribed or approved, or in seismic zones.
A presentation and an information notice relating to the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords.
A brief inventory of fixtures will be made at the entry in the places.