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Welcome to Our Special Edition
Women’s Autumn Coliving Camp
(October 5-19, 2024)

Imagine a place where women support women in both life and business, where sharing skills and inspiration is part of the daily routine, and where you can openly discuss your fears and concerns without judgment.

This autumn, we’re thrilled to announce a beautiful collaboration with Digital Nomad Girls and take you to a unique two-week coliving and coworking experience aiming to help you unwind after the summer madness, gain some new perspectives, ideas and inspiration and recharge for a mindfully productive winter season. All of that in the breathtaking setting of our Chateau and in the company of other amazing location-independent women. 

What to Expect

Mindful productivity & playful relaxation:

A place where we take our work seriously, but not at the expense of our health or wellbeing. We’ll be looking to create a balanced routine of coworking sessions and accountability in an environment where quality relaxation and creative stimulation are encouraged and celebrated. A space where fun and silliness thrive without filter or judgment!

Skill Sharing & Inspiration:

Each participant brings their unique talents and knowledge, creating a rich tapestry of skills to share and learn from. Expect spontaneous workshops, skill swaps, and endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Feedback Sessions & Masterminds:

Regular feedback sessions and masterminds will be held, providing you with the perfect platform to seek advice, gain new perspectives, and refine your ideas. This is a safe space to ask questions and share your thoughts, knowing you’re supported by like-minded women.

Expert-guided Playing Big Workshops:

DNG founder Jenny Lachs will facilitate two workshops using the “Playing Big” framework. You will learn how to navigate your Inner Critic voice and how to tap into your intuition through connecting with your Inner Mentor.

We’re expecting a group of 10 to 15 location independent women to share this magical week with.

Why join us

Women Supporting Women:

Here, you’ll find a nurturing environment where women lift each other up. It’s about learning together, growing together, and having fun together.

Balance of Work & Relaxation:

This camp isn’t just about working and achieving your goals; it’s also about finding balance. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Chateau Coliving, take part in relaxing activities, and embrace the retreat-like elements of this experience.

Dreamy Autumn Setting:

Nestled in the heart of Normandy, Chateau Coliving offers a picturesque backdrop for your stay. The cosy autumn atmosphere adds a magical touch to your experience, making it truly unforgettable. A book and a cup of tea in front of the fireplace after a productive day of work or a recharging walk with a new friend in our endless park with the colorful leaves cracking under your feet… sounds dreamy? Then, let’s go!

Community & Connection:

Form deep, lasting connections with fellow digital nomads. Share your journey, support one another, and create friendships that extend beyond these two weeks.

A unique perspective:

If you’re part of the DNG family, it’s a unique opportunity to meet Jenny Lachs, the soul behind the community, as well as some of the women you’ve connected with online. If you’ve been to Château before, it’s a chance to rediscover it in an environment focused on self-development with like-minded women as well as Katia and Jeanne. If you’re part of one or the other, don’t forget to claim your special discount code.

Ready to Join?

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be part of a community that celebrates women’s strength, creativity, and resilience. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or simply looking to connect with inspiring women, the Women’s Autumn Coliving Camp is the perfect place to be.

Spaces are limited to ensure an intimate and impactful experience, so secure your spot today. Come join us for two weeks of growth, connection, and memories for a lifetime.

Please note, all the rooms in the Chateau are unique and they’re all gorgeous. The photos shown are examples and we can’t guarantee which one you’ll get.

Four of the Rooms have a private bathroom, the other rooms each share a bathroom with one other room. 

We will allocate the rooms in order of booking, so if you want a private bathroom, book soon!


  •  14 nights in a beautiful and spacious private room in the castle with either a private bathroom or sharing a bathroom with only 1 other room (first 4 people to book get the first dibs) 
  • 24/7 access to a fully equipped co-working space 
  • Two 4-course vegetarian dinners, prepared by our in-house chef and served in the magical main dining room of the castle. 
  • 1 x Sunday brunch with traditional French crepes and a creative twist
  • Fireside Chat Q&A with Katia, founder and owner of Chateau Coliving, one of Europe’s most popular coliving spaces. Ask away anything related to coliving, community building, female owned business, starting a business in a foreign country and more. 
  • Inner Critic & Inner Mentor Group Coaching Workshops by DNG Founder and certified coach Jenny Lachs
  • Campfire sharing circle (Let’s learn from each other fuck-ups night) 
  • Potluck style dinner
  • Invitation to host an activity of your choice (a skillshare, a fun hobby, a game night, a talent show  – the floor is yours)
  • Special Murder Mystery Game night – Get into character, dress your role and give us your best acting and mystery solving skills! 
  • Access to the Castle Gym and Yoga mats, feel free to workout on your own or organize a session for others to join
  • Very discounted rates if you wish to stay at our Manor house for up to a month after the Autumn Camp

As part of the package we also provide:

  • pick ups and drop offs from the train station of Carentan (8.am to 8.30pm), if you’re not coming with your own car
  • bi-weekly grocery trips or pick ups of online grocery orders 
  • weekly room cleaning and change of linen
  • tea & coffee throughout the day 
  • community manager and facilitators on site 


  • Airfare or any other transport to the Chateau
  • Travel insurance 
  • Any meals not listed above – the Chateau has a fully equipped kitchen and organizing of shared/communal meals is also encouraged
  • Alcoholic drinks if not listed above
  • Other activities (these can be booked separately)
  • 1:1 Coaching with Jenny (can be booked separately)

Book your spot

If you are a member of the Lab or a Chateau Alumni, please check the Lab networks or the Château Slack to find your special promo code!

October 5 – 19, 2024

When booking you automatically agree to our terms & conditions.

A minimum number of 10 participants is required. If we are not able to reach this minimum 45 days prior to the starting date, the participants who have paid the deposit will be fully refunded or credited for a non-curated stay at Chateau Coliving during the same dates in order to avoid loss of transportation tickets.

Your Hosts and Facilitators


Jenny is a coach and facilitator, imagination activist, world traveller and former chemist with a passion for sustainability and community building.

She’s the founder of Digital Nomad Girls, the world’s first community for location-independent women, and The Lab, her membership community where she supports and empowers women to live life on their own terms.

Having run the Reconnect Retreat at the Chateau in 2023 for her Lab members, Jenny is excited to return for the Autumn Coliving Camp to meet new inspiring, brilliant women from our community.

Co-creation and collaboration are the heart of her work and she’ll be supporting the experience by weaving in her “Playing Big” training, sharing hands-on, actionable tools to navigate fears and doubts and help you “play big” in your work and life.

Jenny is an extroverted Gryffindor, noodle-soup enthusiast and a lifelong crafter and learner, currently curious about gardening, sewing, futurism, eco-anxiety, Inner Development and anti-capitalism. 


Katia is a cat-lover, enthusiast for foreign languages, a traveller, an experienced entrepreneur, coliving consultant, mentor to women in business and soon-to-be a certified business facilitator.

With nearly 12 years of location independent background, extensive corporate experience in strategic marketing, sales and events, 12 years of entrepreneurial background, running Chateau Coliving and other business endeavors, Katia’s mission for this Women’s Autumn Camp will be to ensure participants make the most out of their Chateau experience – both in terms of comfort of their stay, but also in terms of value and takeaways.

Collaboration over Competition is the motto of Chateau Coliving and Katia is leading by example, welcoming meaningful collaborative experiences like this one to the Chateau.
During the Autumn Camp Katia will also be available to advise on & facilitate any business, branding or marketing related sessions, when needed, as well as for exchange of experience and informal chats on anything travel and work related. 


Jeanne has been dreaming of traveling every few months since she was a little girl. She had no idea that pursuing this dream would also bring her to discover a passion turned career: community. She lives for meaningful conversations, sharing food and inspiring brainstorming sessions no matter the topic! 

She’s been in charge of Château Coliving’s community for 2,5 years and knows the region inside out. She’ll be able to advise on how to create amazing memories during the Autumn Camp, be it breathtaking day trips or unique activities in Normandy. Her background is in event management and she brings 5 years of experience in organizing memorable retreats and trips. She’s looking forward to meeting all of you! 


How do I sign up for the Women’s Autumn Coliving Camp?

The experience is now open for bookings!
We decided to do the bookings on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis, so the first 4 people who book will be able to choose if they want a room with a private bathroom.

Simply select whether you’d like to pay in full (save €100) or in two installments. 

If paying in installments, the first installment needs to be made by 31st of July 2024, and the second (and final) payment needs to be made by 1st of September 2024

What are the rooms like?

All rooms are beautifully decorated, private double rooms. Four rooms have private bathrooms, and the other rooms share one bathroom between two rooms, so nearly private. We will allocate the rooms in order of booking.

You can check out some photos on the Chateau About page.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature and planning of this event, tickets are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a friend UP TO 30 DAYS PRIOR to the start date of the retreat, subject to our approval.
If you need to transfer your spot, please contact us at welcome@chateaucoliving.com

If we are not able to reach the minimum number of 10 participants, 45 days prior to the starting date, the participants who have paid the deposit will be either fully refunded or credited for a non-curated stay at Chateau coliving during the same dates in order to avoid loss of transportation tickets.

Can this be used as a business expense?

Yes, many businesses can claim coworking events like this as a business expense.

You will receive an invoice once you’ve completed your payment. Please don’t forget to note your company details in the registration form.

Can I only stay for a week or a few days?

While we understand that some of you would not be able to travel for the 2-week duration of the camp, we think that this project would only make sense if we experience it together for its full duration, which is why we will not be accepting bookings for less time than the announced dates.

With that said, if travel arrangements require you to arrive a day later or leave a day earlier, that’s understandable and will not be an issue. Please not that in this case the full rate of the stay will still be due.

Can I come to the Chateau a few days earlier or leave later than the end of the Autumn Camp?

Arriving a few days earlier and staying up to a month after the end of the Autumn Camp might be possible (and at discounted rates). Please contact us at welcome@chateaucoliving.com letting us know your desired dates of stay. We will come back to you in order to align expectations and make sure we can make it work in the best possible way. 

Can I bring a partner?

Our goal is to create an experience that is very personal, which is why we believe that in order to make the best out of it and connect with the other participants, it is best to enjoy it without partners. If you’re planning to come to the chateau a bit earlier and stay after the 2 weeks of the Women’s Camp, then we would gladly accommodate your partner. Send us a message to discuss how we can make this happen.

Can I bring my kids?

At Chateau Coliving we have separate accommodation dedicated to guests with kids  – our 17th-century Manor house. The Manor is currently not part of the Women’s Autumn Camp, but if all the castle rooms get booked, we will consider opening up a few extra rooms and apartments there.

If you would like to come with your child, please read our CHILDREN POLICY and contact us at welcome@chateaucoliving.com, so we can evaluate if we will be able to accommodate your request.

Can I bring a pet?

At Chateau Coliving we have separate accommodation dedicated to guests with pets – our 17th-century Manor house. The Manor is currently not part of the Women’s Autumn Camp, but if all the castle rooms get booked, we will consider opening up a few extra rooms and apartments there. 

If you want to come with your pet, please read our PET POLICY and contact us at welcome@chateaucoliving.com, so we can see if we can accommodate your request.

Please note that our host & founder Katia will be staying at the Manor house with her cat, so if your pet is not getting along with other animals, we will unfortunately not be able to have it with us.

What is a co-created experience?

Co-creation means you will have active involvement in designing how we spend our time during the month. This is a collaborative experience where everyone is welcome to share their passions, hobbies, learnings or professional knowledge with the group. We have dedicated slots for co-creation and we encourage anyone who wants to teach a class or a workshop, skillshare or play their favorite movie/ted talk/podcast episode for the group to do so.

How is this experience different from the regular Chateau Coliving offer or a DNG Retreat?

We created this experience as a hybrid between coliving and retreat, so we would look at it as a coliving with some retreat elements.
The main difference is that as opposed to a retreat, where participants are on holiday and have a full-day facilitated program,  the 2-week stay allows us to keep our working routines going and incorporate 1 or 2 enjoyable retreat-like activities into our healthy productive days.

The 2-weeks are self-catering (except for the included meals) and you have full ownership of how to spend your time and which activities you’d like to participate in.
Compared to our regular Coliving, in addition to being exclusively for Women (and anyone who identifies as female/non-binary), and the 2 weeks stay as opposed to our minimum of 28 nights, this package also includes a number of perks, which are normally either charged separately or not accessible during our regular coliving months. Our special guest facilitator – DNG founder Jenny Lachs, who will spend the 2 weeks with the group and lead a few of the sessions is also one of the main points of difference compared to the normal coliving at the Chateau.

Will I be able to work during my stay?

This is a coliving & coworking experience, so we assume that all participants will be working – be it a 9 to 5 remote job, freelancing, their own business or a passion project. The Chateau is fully adapted for working remotely and you will be able to go on with your work routines during your stay. We will also include bi-weekly co-hosted coworking sessions to make sure healthy productivity and accountability is in place. 

We have a few activities during the week, which we will do our best to organize with a timing that works for most participants. Please keep in mind that none of those are mandatory, so you can fit in what your schedule allows and only the activities you feel drawn to.

How many people will there be?

That depends on how much interest we get. The Camp will go ahead if we have a minimum of 10 people sign up.

But we potentially have space for up to 18 people, if there’s enough interest.

For any logistical questions such as how to get to the Chateau, about the region and Chateau amenities, please visit our General FAQ section here.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Contact us at welcome@chateaucoliving.com.

See you when the leaves change color!