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Born on: July 26th
email: welcome@chateaucoliving.com
lives in: mainly nomadic


I’m Katia and my super power is bringing amazing people together! I was born in Bulgaria and then life took me places, 50+ countries to be more precise, in 7 of which I lived for longer than a year together with the two loves of my life – my partner Emmanuel and our rescue cat – Gipsy.

After 10 incredible, eventful and turbulent years together – being broke, misfitting, being reckless, taking crazy risks… we went from leaving our corporate lives behind, to managing large-scale humanitarian projects & animal rescue actions, to running a design business as digital nomads while meeting the most diverse and incredible people along the way and to finally restoring a 12th century castle to start this next chapter called Chateau Coliving. A project combining all of our passions into one amazing human adventure.

Our goal is to break the clichés about nobility and nomadism alike. To preserve & share the fascinating history of this place, our passion for travel, our love for animals and nature, in a friendly atmosphere with wonderful people, without expectations, pretensions or judgement.

So, come as you are! Can’t wait to meet you!


founder of chateau coliving