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Admin & Operations
email: welcome@chateaucoliving.com

I’m Rossie (short from Rositsa – I dare you pronounce it right!)

Born and raised at the beautiful Bulgarian seaside, I left my hometown at 18 years old and found myself in Nice, south of France with a suitcase, a bit of cash (sewed into my bra) and a university I had to enroll into, but no idea what to do at this moment and even where to stay for the night. I guess that was the unusual beginning of my nomad journey.

After I got my by bachelors degree in Nice, I started saving up for a masters by working in different seasonal resorts as an animator, bartender and you name it… hopping from one resort to another, visiting all corners of France and all the friends I have made along the way in-between seasons.

So when the time came for that masters degree I decided I’d work and travel around Europe for a bit more and enroll the following year. Well, in the meantime life happened and my love for dancing (oh, yes forgot to mention I’ve been dancing since I was 6), so my love for dancing introduced me to the salsa, bachata, kizomba community in Europe, lead me to travelling from one festival to another, meeting incredible people and one day taking an opportunity to go to Vietnam.

I spent 2 years travelling solo as a digital nomad in Asia, while freelancing for different startups. France was just the warm up, these two years were the real deal that made me a seasoned nomad.

I crossed paths with Chateau Coliving in May 2023 and since then I’m supporting remotely with operations and organisational work, as well as on spot (because I love France) for a few months a year as a coliving community manager – throwing me back to my early days as an animator, only this time with so much cooler people, who more often than not become friends for life.

Do I need to say what happened with that master’s degree?
I guess you got it 🙂