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Chateau Coliving


Coliving Spaces for Digital Nomads are in the business of creating transient homes and communities for people.

What is less talked about is the community that exists between spaces owners across borders!



A story with a twist…

Seasoned slowmads Emmanuel and Katia had been traveling and working on the road (slowly) with their lovely cat Gipsy for almost a decade when they found their way to Nine Coliving back in 2019. There Katia joined the community team and what should probably have been a sort of sabbatical turned into 15 life changing months on the island, wrapped up by 3 months of global lockdown – arguably one of the very best lockdown experiences one could dream of.  A few months after leaving Nine and dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic, all the inspiration and amazing energy that Nine Coliving created, made Katia and Emmanuel believe that the family castle might have what it takes to become another home for nomads and like-minded people.

So back in May 2021 when they went all in and opened Chateau Coliving, Anne, the founder of Nine, packed a bag, gathered her tribe (including Lara the beloved Nine dog) and brought the first crew of nomads to the Chateau for a one month pop up… and the rest is history!

And while all this was somehow logical or even expected, very few people know that more than a year before the opening of the Chateau as a Coliving, another beautiful idea was born during the legendary lockdown 2020 at Nine – the idea of Burgas Coliving, which just launched this May.
How is that even possible, you’d ask? Well… Nine has its inexplicable magic of changing people’s lives!


Fast forward almost a year to the day when Anne came to support the opening of the Chateau, it was Katia’s turn this May to support her friends and now fellow coliving owners Katya and Tony. This time, in her hometown of Burgas on the Bulgarian seaside.

Katya, an urban planner and Tony, a craft beer producer had been the owners of a large property in one of the most ancient Bulgarian balneotherapy resorts. The property was built  during communism in 1954  with the purpose to healing and to provide and salutary rest for communist workers, using mineral water. After the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, the property was abandoned and eventually bought by Katya’s family. They had been wondering what to do with that property for several years. The idea of turning it into a regular guest house or hotel did not really speak to Katya and Tony’s heart who wanted to honor the former purpose of the space: bringing people together to heal, creating community with meaning.

It was in the beginning of 2020, that they finally figured it out, with the help of some friends, including Katya’s childhood friend, our very own Katia, who was at the time at Nine Coliving and sharing her amazing experience there.  It was suddenly so logical and natural – the former Communist Sanatorium was going to be a Coliving space for Digital nomads.

2 years of very hard work and a pandemic later, the building is now ready to welcome you in one of the beautiful 13 bedrooms (double and singles), fully equipped coworking spaces, private call room, kitchen, dinning and living area and a magnificent garden (from where you can work as well!)
So in May 2022, a year after the Chateau first opened for nomads, Katia had the chance to organise the very first group of digital nomads to join Burgas Coliving and enjoy a month of new friendships and long overdue reunions, breathtaking seaside and mountains views, fun parties, delicious food (ah, banitsa!) and most importantly a space designed with so much love and attention to detail, where you can have really productive workdays and still feel as if you’re on holidays!


One thing that make coliving communities so great is that they tend to value collaboration over competition. And that is something coliving founders apply in their business as well.
We are very proud of the work Katya and Tony did and the love and passion they put into it, and we want to celebrate this accomplishement and support them in this adventure!
And we have a little gift for anyone reading this, a discount code for your first stay at Burgas Coliving: CHATEAU10 for 10% off!

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