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Chateau Coliving

Coliving is also for remote workers

No, you do not have to be a digital nomad to experience coliving. If it seems that many destination colivings direct their communication towards nomads, coliving & coworking spaces are actually accessible to anyone who is lucky enough to work remotely. Whether it is full-time or some of the time.
With more flexibility in the way you organize your weeks and schedule, it is absolutely possible to explore this “new trend” even if you already have a place you call Home.

Home Alone.

Many agree that remote work is great: it’s more environmentally friendly (much less commute), more convenient (above mentioned commute time can be used for family, friends, and/or well-being practices), and, it actually does not reduce productivity (researchers say). What it can do though, is make you feel slightly isolated at times.

It is difficult to find new energy, inspiration, or motivation without getting out of the house much. Of course, you could work from a cafe from time to time, but you never know if they are going to kick you out during the lunch rush or if a screaming baby will sit next to you.


Shake things up.

The good news is, there are places like Chateau Coliving & Coworking that offer a beautiful change of scenery, a comfortable place to stay, an inspiring place to work from, and like-minded people to hang with. If you are looking to shake things up without taking days off of work. Destination coliving spaces are the place for you. Some of these spaces have different minimum stays going from a couple of nights, a week or two all the way to a full month.


What Money Cannot Buy

Of course, some might argue that you can simply rent an Airbnb or take a few days in a hotel to change your scenery. We sometimes hear people compare prices of such options with coliving stays. What is important to understand though is that they are really not comparable as such.
If one wanted to re-create the same level of amenities and activities in a private rental, one would have to add the cost of guided tours, yoga classes, workshops, and skills shares as well as a proper coworking membership.
And of course, what we can never put a price on… finding a community of people you can trust to support and cheer for you from day 1!

New views and points of view.

Destination coliving offers the best of both worlds when it comes to work-life balance.
They have created spaces with state-of-the-art desks, chairs, and wifi connections to ensure productive work strake, but they also nurture beautiful human connections through shared meals, skill shares, activities, and enlightening debates around the table.
In those places are born many friendships, ideas, and projects that transcend lifestyles and job titles as people from all over the world, between 1 and 99 years old call them their “home away from home” for a while.

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