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Chateau Coliving

Coliving retreat at the castle

Over the past couple of years, through our own travels  and opening our own space in May 2020, we have met many coliving spaces owners and managers.
Instead of seeing each other as competitors, our encounters have always been all about collaboration and cooperation, the fundamentals, after all, of all the communities we wish to see blossom in our spaces.

For several months now, the idea of gathering in person to spend time exchanging on challenges and best practices had been growing in the back of our minds, so when Coliving Hub, the association for Digitla Nomads coliving spaces, reached out about organising a Coliving Founders retreat, it felt like it was meant to be!

With more people working remotely and being location independent, we have seen an increasing number of coliving spaces emerge as well as more and more people wanting to start their own. We know from experience that to start and maintain such a project is very demanding on a professional and personal level. Finding support, understanding and answers in people who are going through (or have been through) similar things is priceless.
If the last two years proved communities can emerge online, it seemed essential for us to consolidate ours through some well deserved face to face time.

That is why we are so excited to share that we will be hosting this retreat from Sept 30th to Oct 5th this year.
If you are a coliving owner/founder/manager, have been running for a couple of years, just started or about to start, let’s meet and support each other!

You can find all the information and book your room on Coliving Hub’s website (10% off for members).


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