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Chateau Coliving

Katia shares the story of Château Coliving & Coworking – By Andy Sto

Earlier this year Katia our founder was interviewed by Andy Sto, digital nomad and remote work advocate who runs his Marketing agency from anywhere in the world.

If you are curious to hear all about the Castle life from the founder herself, have a look at the whole interview.  

In this video you can hear Katia share about the story of Château C0living & Coworking, from how it all started to how everything works today.
She talks about the type of residents who stay with us, the activities we co create, the games, excursions and delicious meals as well as the more long term projects and collaborations with the locals.
She also tells a bit about her personal background, her passion for community and her vision for the future.

A great little preview for anyone intrigued by the coliving life in a historical French castle in Normandie!


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