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Chateau Coliving

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Got a day-off or want to make the most out of your weekend? Find below some top suggestions of day trips around Château Coliving


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If you only have time for one day trip during your stay at the chateau – you must pick this one! 
The Mont Saint-Michel is a tidal island about 1h30 from Château Coliving, famous for the difference of up to 15 meters between low and high tides. Located in a strategic area, it was constantly disputed and the island remained unconquered during the Hundred Years’ War. Today, you can visit the village, ramparts, museums and the abbey, a masterpiece of architecture. Its bay is listed as UNESCO world heritage site. The second most visited landmark in France, after the Eiffel tower is stunning at any season and we definitely recommend it!


One hours and a half drive away from the chateau, the town of Deuville has hosted race course and international film festival and for many years has been home of many members of the French high society. Deauville has also built its reputation on sea bathing and has developed many hydrotherapy establishments since 1860, so you may want to visit the Pompeian Baths. The parks are perfect for a walk and you might as well go hiking and see the cliffs by the coast.

Just next is Honfleur, perhaps one of the most picturesque places in the region. With its historical houses, plenty of coffee and lunch options and beautiful waterfront, Honfleur is one of our favourite places around.


If you’re willing to drive just a little bit further than Honfleur for a longer summer day trip, you would definitely be astonished by the cliffs in Etretat: the nature carved “falaises” are a delight for the eyes and soul. The charming town and beautiful nature has inspired many artists, such as Monet, who had many impressionists paintings done in Etretat and also Maurice Leblanc, the creator of Arsène Lupin – the book “The gentleman burglar” takes place in Etretat.


Capital of Normandy and situated on the Seine, Rouen is a mandatory stop for those who love history and would like add in some city vibe to the mix of their stay with us. It’s located about 2 hours drive direction to Paris and can also be a nice stopover mid-way from Paris on your way in or back from the Chateau.
Its Cathedral, the tallest in France, has been in works since eight hundred years and the façade inspired a series of paintings by Claude Monet. Other sights include the astronomical clock dating back to the 14th century and the Rouen Castle, where the tower Joan of Arc is located, was brought and kept until her execution in the city.


A bit more than 2 hours drive from the Chateau, with a rich heritage to discover, the capital of Brittany has plenty of options if you’re looking for a cultural day. Some of its main sights include the Parlement court, Isidore Odorico’s mosaics, Saint-Pierre Cathedral and the Opera House. More of the history of the city is to be revealed when you find out about the Great Fire of 1720. Walking on the streets, you’ll see the half-timbered houses, which are a part of the traditional breton architecture of the past centuries. A great place to spend the day, eat some crepes and enjoy the city vibe.
Other places of interest in the region include Granville with the house-museum of Christian Dior, Caen, Alençon, Harras du Pin (for the horse lovers) and many more, so if you’re feeling adventurous, plan weekends and free days wisely so you don’t miss out on this travel blast!

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