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Chateau Coliving

French it up!

English may be our main language of communiation at the Castle, you are surrounded by French culture everywhere: the historical castle, the typical Normand landscapes (and weather which we love!), the local suppliers… even our star in house Brazilian community manager speaks beautiful French.  So to mark our re-opening after the winter break, we decided to celebrate the French language & culture with French February 2022!
This is not a French immersion course but a fun French twist to your coliving & coworking stay! There is no obligation to partake in any of the activities and games but it’s highly recommended, if  not for your level of French, for the fun and connections that come out of it!

Same same but different.
As mentioned this is not a course, so life at the c̶a̶s̶t̶l̶e̶  chateau will go on as usual however we will sprinkle (saupoudrer, that’s a tough one) your days/weeks with a bit of French here and there.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of things that we plan to organise throughout the month:

  • French movie nights! 
    There are the famous Amélie Poulain, L’auberge Espagnol (a movie about coliving in a way) Intouchable or La vie en Rose you might already know. But we also have really good series such as the more recent Call my Agent (10% in French).  Yes, we will use subtitles, this is supposed to be fun!
  • yoga / workouts in French – Sounds tough? We promise, the poses are the same and the names are really funny “Downward dog” is “chien tête en bas“. And before you know it, all parts of the body and directions in French will be easy-peasy for you!
  • We will share and listen to French playlists. There is so much to explore. And once you can sing Johnny Hallyday at the top of your lungs, people will think you are French.
  • Every day we will share on the board a useful expression or sentence for you to use during your stay. Such as the life saving “Une baguette s’il vous plait” (A baguette please)
  • Games -It often feels like we are kids again when we learn a new language, let’s take advantage of that feeling and play some games in French! We’re all winners here!
  • We’ll have French culture skillshares (did you know there are more than 400 type of cheese in France?)

Va te faire cuire un oeuf” , in English: Go cook yourself an egg. Eh? This is a saying basically meaning ” Get lost!” Like most language, French has lots of weird – double meaning sayings that literally translated make no sense to non French speakers. We’ll go through these as well, because most of them are so funny.

  • For the bravest of them all, we will have small weekly challenges such as ordering in the restaurant in French or buying something from the farmers market all in the “Langue de Molière” – Another expression to simply say “In French” as Molière was a very famous French playwriter.
  • We’ll also have traditional French recipes that we will do our best to follow to the T (or shall we say “A la lettre“) in French.
  • Apres l’effort, le recomfort (after the effort comes comfort), we’ll eat what we made!

No. Come as you are!
We are all here to enjoy and learn together, and if you are not at all into French words and all you want to do is work in peace, eat good food and explore Normandie that is quite alright too!


We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all in Février!
If you have any questions and/or any suggestions for even more French fun, do not hesitate to contact us!

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