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Give your team a (re) treat!

With all due respect to Elon Musk and his recent emails to his employees, it seems like the “remote work” trend is in full swing and here to stay.
With this new found freedom comes a bunch of new challenges too. It is safe to say that we have all at one point or another struggled with time management, work-life balance and or isolation while working from anywhere but the office.

If many of these can be figured out on our own there is one particular challenge that falls to management and Human Ressources of most companies: How do we keep up our team spirit when everyone is scatered around the city/country/globe?
The hunanimous answer seems to be: TEAM RETREATS.



The concept off site events to celebrate milestones is not new. Team retreats are however now seen as much more than that.
They are a unique opportunity to kill several birds with one stone:

  • Set company culture
  • Aligne vision
  • Do deep work
  • Create synergies within departments
  • Encourage inspiration and creativity
  • Retain/identify/ attract  talents
  • And well, of course celebrate (milsetones, people…life!)

Taken individually, some of these could have probably happened in the meeting room or even by the water cooler in a pre pandemic world.
In 2020 and 2021 all we could about handle were virtual after works on Zoom. In 2022 with smaller offices or none at all anymore, many companies find themselves struggling to reconnect team members, some of them, hired during the pandemic havent even met in person yet!




Location location location say real estate agents.
We like to think it’s about more than that. And team members tend to prove us right.
Of course access matter but for once in life it is the destination more than the journey that matters!
It is about finding a beautiful space, secluded enough to feel like you can create your own world for a few days, grand enough to get the awe moment all the while being cozy enough so people can relax in the space.
It is about having comfortable rooms and dedicated working spaces, little nooks for groups to naturally create and individuals to find their spot for personal reflexion.
It is about having access to good food and nature.




Once again, team retreats are not new. But coliving & coworking spaces are, and with them has appeared a whole new panel of exciting locations that not only have accomodations for a large number of guests but also all the necessary set up and amenities for productive work! At Chateau Coliving we love our community of digital nomads but we also know the importance of team building for remote workers and that is why we have set specific periods throughout the year , in October and June for team retreats at the Chateau.

Here is our check list:

  • one of a kind setting and historical building for the woa factor
  • Beautiful nature around
  • Privacy
  • large dedicated workspace with projector, desks, chairs, flipchart…
  • beautiful double and single rooms (en suite and shared bathroom options)
  • fully equipped kitchen (option to use catering service, in-house chef or cook for yourselves and make it a group activity…)
  • Good wifi in all the buildings
  • fun activities available around
  • 3h by train from Paris
  • A team onsite who can support you with logistics  (optional)

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


By Morgane Oléron 

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