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How can a facilitated Coliving experience support digital nomad wellbeing?

For several years now we have heard all about digital nomadism. Those of us who work online, or are self-employed,  are bombarded with dreamy pictures of beautiful individuals working on their laptops from a pool side or a hammock. 

More and more people are dreaming of a nomadic lifestyle, exploring all corners of the planet, and regaining control of their time and “destiny”.
But that is only the pretty picture. While being a digital nomad can bring a lot of joy and meaning to one’s life, we have seen in recent years a number of nomads raising complex topics of mental health and wellbeing. 

a digital nomad woman working from her laptop in a hammock smiling
Working from hammocks can actually be great fun.

So working from the beach might not be the key to constant bliss? 


Well…no!. Being a Digital Nomad brings its fair share of challenges. This way of living has a variety of impacts on wellbeing. 

The two most common challenges? Logistical, and social. 



Digital nomad life comes with a lack of stability. It is hard to keep up with routine when you are constantly moving and living from your suitcase. Planning ahead means taking so many factors into consideration: accommodation availability, internet access, transportation arrangements, and more. Add to that the fact that plans can change (delays, weather forecast) that it is hard to feel in control even when you try your best to think ahead.   



After a few months or years, depending on your personality type, the novelty of always meeting new people wears off. Nomads can grow tired of reiterating different versions of the same conversation over and over while not really being able to deeply connect with people, mostly due to the lack of time spent together. Social burnout and loneliness are two seemingly opposite but very real problems a lot of digital nomads face.

a group of digital nomads on a hike
moving together

Many find Coliving spaces to be a great way to address both of those challenges. 


Of course, being a coliving space, we totally agree. 

The tight-knit communities that arise in coliving spaces make it easier for colivers to stay in touch through tools such as Slack or Whatsapp. New platforms and apps dedicated to nomads who colive such as Mapmelon facilitate feelings of belonging and enable people to plan trips together, allowing for deeper connections to blossom.

By living with others who share a similar lifestyle, one is more likely to be encouraged to join a yoga class, the group walk, r to try new food and learn new skills from other colivers. 

The feeling of constantly learning while being part of something bigger than oneself is a great premise for the sense of growth we are all seeking one way or another. 

However, nothing can guarantee that these things will, for sure, happen every time.

Not everyone comes to a coliving for the same reasons. Not everyone is in need of advice or looking for answers. 

We believe one needs to be fully aware of their own needs – logistical, social, physical, and emotional –  in order to best experience coliving and digital nomadism. 


That is why we have decided, together with our friends at Burgas Coliving, to launch a very specific type of Coliving Experience that focuses on wellbeing


This is for anyone able to work remotely and wants to find (or double down on)what feels good and right for them while pursuing the nomadic lifestyle. 


We have identified four areas of well-being to examine throughout the month: 


  • Food: how can I keep eating well (for me) while living location-independently?
  • Movement: how do I keep up with practices that help me feel good?
  • Self-care: how can I figure out what I need to feel at my best? 
  • Purpose & authenticity: how do I stay aligned with the meaning of what I do?


The ultimate goal is for you to be able to incorporate these new habits and practices into your existing routines, that is why we have worked out a weekly schedule that fits into a regular working week. This is not a well being retreat but a realistic everyday life as a nomad looking at incorporating more of what feels good! 

There will be daily practices as well as two workshops a week hosted by professionals who are nomads themselves, thus understanding the reality of the lifestyle. 


You will be able to explore different kinds of movement from yoga to running or hiking, better understand your metabolism and try new recipes, experiment with relaxation, meditation and dive into your own value system.
In addition to the hands-on practices, you will not leave the experience empty-handed. Our practitioners have specially put together handbooks for you to take on the road and apply in your day-to-day life as a digital nomad even after the end of your stay, whether you decide to join us for two or four weeks. 


All of that, in Community of course. 

We are each on our individual path, yet on a shared journey. 

several digital nomads sitting outside and chatting
Sharing and learning from others

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